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Job Posting:

Mechatronics Hardware Engineer

(Work in Detroit, MI area/multiple openings)

Release and validate hardware components including sensors, wiring harnesses, actuators and connectors for commercial vehicle industry; ensure mechatronics hardware components are designed and validated properly and according to industry standards and customer needs; create design verification plans and reports inspect warranty parts from the field to look for failure modes and/or solutions; analyze warranty data to identify trends and clusters of failures; ensure design, routing and location for harnesses and sensors using CAD software including NX, CATIA, Smaragd, Engineering Client; review two dimensional and three dimensional drawings; review specifications for materials, production and assembly processes, testing procedures, dimensions; analyze testing data from vehicles to identify possible risk situations due to temperature, vibration, hardware functionality; support design team in part picking process of mechatronics hardware components for new products; and inspect production and assembly process of wiring harnesses and sensors.

Requires Bachelor's or its foreign educational equivalent plus 12 months experience in the job offered or 12 months experience in an alternate occupation. The required experience must include 12 months using CATIA.

Send resume to:

Rashmi Upadhyaya, President, SunSoft Technologies, Inc.
21772 Manchester Court, 
Farmington Hills, MI 48335. EOE.


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